AR im Innenausbau

This project was created at the Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach.

The idea behind this app was, to give users a tool to place virtual created furniture in their rooms. Also the interaction with the virtual objects and the possibility to add own models from local storage was a main focus.

Android app on Google Play

Virtual furniture at the VEC 2013

Example of multiple objects


  • It was created using the Metaio SDK.

  • Multiple tracking methods allow the user to have the most suitable tracking possible. Therefore the user can switch between marker and instant tracking while runtime.

  • They can create own objects in .obj, .md2 or .mfbx format and organize them in the category based file system. Making it possible to have an organized model including various textures, information texts and an preview picture in the catalog.

  • Save and load scenes to quick switch between possible furnishings.

  • Lots of interactions allow the user to

    • Move, rotate and scale the object without touching the marker.

    • Switch between different textures.

    • Change the ambient light and add light sources to the scene.

    • Play animations

AR Windkraft

This project was my degree work at the University of applied science in Esslingen am Neckar.

Because of the big topic on renewable energy, the government in Stuttgart decided to get 10% of their energy from local wind turbines until 2020. Therefore the local communities have the challenge of finding suitable locations to build them.

The inspiration for this app was the problem, that many citizens can't imagine how a wind turbine will look upon the next mountain. Therefore a visualisation solution was needed. The WAV-App (Windkraft Anlagen Visualisierungs App) should give an impression on the location and especially the size of future turbines from an individual point of view.

Download APK

Windpark Manager

For projects or download informations contact me on

The mockup of the App

View abouth Esslingen on five virtual wind turbines

Closer view at night

Overview map showing the turbines and the user


  • It was created using the Metaio SDK.

  • GPS for best location tracking.

  • Selection of height providers: GPS, air pressure, internet or manual input.

  • Downloadable sites: Get new or updated sites from the internet with one button.

  • Computed Occlusion: cutting the not see able lower part, hidden by the terrain. And manually hide parts blocked by buildings or trees.

  • Lots of interactions allow the user to

    • Freeze the image

    • Use gravity sensor to switch between AR- and Map View

    • Change the direction the turbines are facing..

    • Map-view for an overview of the exact locations of the turbines and the user.

    • Animated turbines.

AR Flugzeug

This Project is an tech-Demo for the Metaio SDK in the usecase of presenting different air plain interiors inside an real airplain mockup.

The range of the app is reduced to change the inside wall of an airplain (in this case models with different resolution) and the design of the buttons to open and close the windows. Also it is possible to change the color of every part and use two buttons to open and close the window.

This project was not sponsored and created using my free time. Therefore I'm not as happy as I could be investing more time and resources for developing a proper tool.

Android app on Google Play


  • It was created using the Metaio SDK.

  • It is possible to switch between ID marker and CAD tracking (Ellipse of the window) inside the app.

  • Objects can be selected and changed individually

  • Lots of interactions allow the user to

    • Freeze the image

    • Select and change model parts individually

    • Change the color individually

    • Open and close the window

    • Hide Objects that should not be shown in a variation.